Daily Post:  Elicit

A certain couple remaining nameless

Was not in fear of being quite shameless

If anything needed a small repair

They would ignore it, pretend it’s not there.

The old house they lived in had electrical woes

The wires were frayed, and very badly exposed

Dangerous, sure, but mainly ignored

The old house chores,well, just made them bored.

One of the tenants was setting the clock

Heating the oven, received a hard shock

They ran to their cell to finally elicit

A repairman who would hopefully fix it.

I’m sad to report and sadder to say

The call from their cell came too late that day.

The shock ignited a flame up above

The ceiling and curtains flew up like a dove.

I know this tale is a sad one, ’tis true.

But a lesson to learn for both me and you

If your house needs fixing or minor repair

Then do it, or suffer resulting despair.