For Adults Only (Spoiler Alert)

Reading Amommasview and The Cabbage Patch’s latest posts, I was laughing and thought back to a Christmas near-disaster. Being the designated shopper and stocking filler, I usually didn’t wait till the last minute for anything. That was in my younger days when being organized was a priority. 

I had purchased all the necessary traditional items for the socks: oranges for the toes, mini toothpaste tubes, new toothbrushes, assorted candy, mini books and games, color books, new sets of crayons and possibly a comic book. All of these delights were secretly a ploy. The adults could sleep and the kids were kept busy after they rose at two a.m. to see if Santa had come yet.  After all, we’d just gotten to bed ourselves after setting up car tracks, doll houses, etc. I also filled my husband’s stocking. 

Just about ready for bed, my husband pointed out my stocking was still empty. I was disappointed because this year we decided to surprise each other instead of using older versions of the kids’ goodies. Of course, being an engineer he didn’t falter. I went to bed and he arrived a short time later. The kids busied themselves a few hours and then ran in all excited carrying their new treasures. We crawled out of bed and they insisted we open our own stockings. Mine contained oranges, apples, bananas and some candy canes from the tree. The kids didn’t say anything, they had already started opening presents.

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