Discovery challenge:  In the Style of

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado. This was my favorite site to take our out-of-state visitors. They have a road nearing the edge and trails leading you down to small edges of the cliffs. There is also a road accessing the river below. Quite a sight from either view! We have taken numerous pictures of this beautiful area. My dad was afraid of heights so when we drove there, he practically climbed in my lap to not be by the car window. Another time my mother-in-law parked right up to the edge when we were visiting there. When we left, she put the car in forward instead of reverse, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! But we survived. A lot of nervous laughter filled the car on our way home. 

 This photo was originally in color, but I thought I would show it in an Ansel Adams style.

Ansel Adams, 1902-1984

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  1. I used to live by there in Grand Junction, CO. Been to the Gunnison many times. Beautiful. Also climbed most of the mountains in the area. Great memories there. So how do we do this? Do we use the link above?

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    1. Yes, I climbed them, well the lower one. I never got around to do the taller of the two. As it was we had to use rope in one section, mostly because some of us are short and our legs not long enough for the reach, still it was quite precipitous. I heard the taller is worse.

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    2. I received a note from a friend there. Apparently there is a lot of littering going on at MB, which was weird to hear. Because the last time we visited, we could no longer drive in, had to be bussed, so wouldn’t think it a problem. Now it’s worse.

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    3. No way! I can’t imagine the Aspenites tolerating that. I was just in Aspen a couple of years ago, but hadn’t heard that. So sad that people violate such beauty. I used to be president of the Western Slope Mtn Club, but it’s been 15 or more years, but I know local mountaineers would never litter. We were always extremely conscientious. And even organized others to clean up as we go along. Granted there were places where old litter existed some dating back to the 60’s or earlier but those items were usually inaccessible.

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