Daily Prompt:  Tart

There’s one thing especially close to my heart

When the Prompt is fixed on something like tart.

It’s yellow and white, pleases the eye.

Of course you know, it’s a lemon pie!

The filling for me is a tart lemon curd

Not feeling it? Cause I used that word?

We always say filling, it’s the chefs and the cooks

Who besmirch the pudding in all of their books.

But, as usual, I tell this with TMI

I remind you it is my favorite pie.

The crust has to be specially prepared

So it doesn’t absorb lemon juice there

Without being…..dare I say soggy?

You’d need to feed it to your special doggie

Have to use real lemons, not juice from plastic 

There’s where the flavor comes, truly fantastic.

To top off this marvelous delight

A meringue, sweet, fluffy and light.

So that’s my story of making a pie

Tart and sweet both, I tell you no lie.


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