Response to the Daily Prompt: Transformation

Transformation is something I’m familiar with, but certainly not fond of. Well, parts of it, I guess. I was overweight, on 24 hour oxygen, addicted to pain killers and couldn’t walk without help. My husband passed away in a hospital I couldn’t get to, and the world lowered the boom on me. So a transformation was necessary.
I had to change everything. My body, my mind, my health, my home, my lifestyle, and my location. No hill for a stepper, right? But I had no choice. I had plenty of family support but was also reminded that I needed to be more independent; especially when health problems occurred after I moved. The higher altitude caused an improvement in breathing, so off the oxygen. Things were looking up! The new surroundings made me do more things for myself. The changes in my health resulted in learning to put my body first, whether I liked it or not. That was three and a half years ago. 
Again, no choice. I’m not completely independent, rely on others or a bus if I want to leave the house. That’s the most irritating part of it. But I have survived so far, and plan on sticking around a bit longer. Change can be abrupt and discouraging, but in the end, it’s usually rewarding. The hard part is realizing it.

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