Snidely is back!

Yes, there he is, grinning and tweaking his evil mustache, seems to have taken the place of the more widely known Murphy! He constantly outwits me and my blogging attempts, through an equally evil entity, the Block Editor.

I used to enjoy blogging, offered some things I thought needed more attention, some silly poems and stories, all in the hope of making you smile or even laugh. Now, not so much. No matter whether I use the classic editor which is still available on my iPad, as I did today, it ends up as a boggled disarranged post. As in my Ronovanwrites haiku attempt today, no matter how I tweaked it and saw a preview I liked, the published product remained boggled!

Why WP treats their writers this way is a puzzlement. I’m sure there are hundreds of us and you would think they would want to please the crowd. Apparently not.



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