FOWC: Monotonous Rant

My complaint here may start to get monotonous, but sadly I seem to have a lot of fodder for these posts. Enjoying coffee with patio windows open to let the sun shine on my daffodil pots, I saw my neighbor across the breezeway–her door is about five feet from mine–walk by with her dog. I’ve always thought she was a nice person but saw her let her dog lift his leg on my patio which is just plain rude. Why not push him ten feet down the walk to your own blanketyblank patio?

People are disgustingly rude these days. When waiting to be picked up and it’s very windy, I try to wheel myself into a breezeway next to the handicapped parking space. This is no longer an option as the stair corners and sides of breezeways are drenched in dog pee. And with a container holding poop bags a few steps down the walk, why can’t people pick up their dog’s poop instead of leaving bits on the sidewalk?

If you have a pet, stop being so lazy–train it, and clean up after it! I do not understand the rudeness and careless attitude of these pet owners. I am in a chair on wheels, and these wheels cannot always avoid your leavings. Have some respect!


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