Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge 11-10-20


“Gee willikers, Batman! I’m sure glad you have that cape! It’s freezing out here!” Robin wasn’t so lucky. His wimpy suit was not made of the same indestructible rubber and he felt every cold wind while standing on top of the Chrysler building. Apparently someone activated the Batman signal and his boss was trying to see who needed help. Robin thought it was too bad he didn’t have Daredevil’s hearing and he’d know right away!

New Yorkers were always calling upon superheroes for their talents, or gifts as some called them. Robin decided to phone Jessica Jones to see if she knew anything. Luke Cage answered the phone while JJ was out investigating a new case. “If you need me, I could be there in a few minutes, just let me know.” Luke’s indestructible body was only harmed by his now friend, Iron Fist, so he was perfectly capable if needed.

Batman seemed to be using his radar skills to hone in on a disturbance nearby. “Whoa! Batman, it’s wild you can feel those sound waves!” Robin never ceased to be impressed by B’s skills.

“Well, of course, Robin! Now let’s jump into the bat mobile and do some good!”

Woohoo, anything you say, big B!” Both men flew to a known location for criminals, where all hell was breaking loose. “Wait! I think I just saw the Penguin sneak into the sewer.”

“Let him go, it’s the Joker I want.” Batman flew into the crowd and grabbed the Joker, swinging him up into the bat mobile. The crowd dispersed and everyone was now safe. The Joker was dropped off at the nearest precinct, where Jim Gordon was the reliable chief in charge.

Later that day, the group of heroes, except for JJ, joined up for a steak barbecue at Luke’s place in Harlem. Robin was impressed. “Wow, Batman, this guy knows how to cook!”



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