There is a distinction between avarice, self importance, grandstanding and obtaining a meal for your family in the wild. This man has no honor and is making all US citizens pay for his and his family’s outrageous vacations and splurges.


This should make you think how you will vote while you are sitting at home, out of work, trying to feed your family and pay your rent.

8 thoughts on “Greed

  1. It is difficult hitting LIKE on this, but the only hope is that there are only a few months left for this Kakistocracy. Then I wonder if we will be rid of him and his regime. They may have to take him out in a straight jacket.

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  2. our next REAL president should instruct the congress to send an itemized bill to the cheeto’s family for all the tax payer subsidized trips. and if they refuse to pay, throw em all in a debtor’s prison.

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