Fandango’s Friday Flashback – Wordle 151 from 4-17-17

Was it the tide going out, or the clouds overhead that put her in this state of ambedo? Gray skies were warning Melanie to take care lest she be caught in the storm. She hurried along the boardwalk. Melanie was a voracious biker, but not wanting to drown herself and the pile of books in her basket, she switched gears to hasten her flight home.

“There you are, Melanie. I was worried you’d get caught in the rain!” Her mother was always worrying about her, even though she didn’t misbehave often. Lovely fragrances filled the kitchen as her mother placed a plate and fork on the table.

“I made your favorite today, Blackberry Crumble.” Her mother enjoyed making treats for her daughter and the time it took for her to eat them. That was their special togetherness time. Melanie liked to dazzle her mom with wild stories of happenings at school. Her mother listened intently, secretly wishing these times would not end.


Fandango’s Friday Flashback — April 17