Motorcycle Mania

Jolted awake, she thought, what in the world’s going on? It felt like there was a ball being bounced around in her head.

The upstairs apartment neighbors had decided to move in the middle of the night. Loud noises of a barking dog, running around wondering what was happening, scraping furniture and a jangling metal stairway full of up and down activity. Anything metal sent a tingle sound up and down its railing, causing the dog to whine.

What had been an even keel of quietness from neighbors previously, now was a beehive of noise. Then she wondered why the middle of the night? The volume of activity with so many people at once grew louder. Suddenly her ceiling plaster started to crack. She dialed the apartment maintenance office, but no answer. Finding increasing pieces of ceiling fluttering around her room, she dialed 911. They thought she was making it up.

Gathering a blanket around her, she made it outside to the parking lot before her ceiling partially fell. Apparently new neighbors moving in decided to house their motorcycles in the bedroom above hers. No wonder they were doing it in the dark. . .what a disaster!