Sunshine. . .questions by Tom

Tom being Tom received the Sunshine Blog Award – well deserved by the way – and has asked some of his followers to answer the questions below:

First I must post a photo of Themyscira, which Tom would like to visit. It’s a little too purple for me, but I do love Wonder Woman.



1. I have a great family.

2. An emotion, also a powerful universal force not fully utilized.

3. Superman is much better looking and smiles!

4. I use Kindle.

5. All three. I see the photo of Trump gloating as he knows he got away with his “sins” as you call them, and will continue to do so. I find it incredible the stupidity of some Congress people and their reasoning for their decisions. Don’t get me started on racist attitudes. It’s surreal, so I just have to laugh sometimes. Either that or check in to the nearest loony bin.

6. Anything that gives me a smile is never too long.

7. Nope.

8. Both at different times of day. I used to be an up early doer, then all day. Now, it’s usually a meh type of attitude. Retirement is not for the faint of heart.

9. I would prefer anonymity but it’s not the real me. Be afraid, be very afraid.

10. It’s more fun to let everything hang out. . .just a figure of speech of course.

11. Of course you are!😄🥰 I have a story about this. When I was a teenager I sang this song to a frightened niece I was babysitting, and then forgot about it as an adult. At 49, when I first had cancer, she sent me a gift with the same song. Now that’s family love☺️, and proves that we never realize what impressions we make on children.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine. . .questions by Tom

  1. I love your answers! I lol’d at work over the picture of Paradise Island (the easier-to-spell version of the name). 🤣

    First, an explanation: I don’t care to travel. What’s out there that isn’t here, I ask? My home and dogs and life are here, so short jaunts are cool, but I love home best. BUT … if I did have to choose a place it would have to be a place that doesn’t truly exist, like Wakanda or Themyscira or Atlantis or that island in the other Huxley book.

    Now, a comment or question or two:

    I’ve been thinking of the $79 Kindle Fire. Which one do you have?

    Superman would destroy Batman, every time. It’s not even close.

    Trump is a horse’s ass.

    Again, I loved ALL your answers. To love, then, a force more powerful than we can ever imagine! 🍻

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    1. Wakanda as it first appeared in Black Panther, oh yes. It would be fun watching his sister inventing things. But I am a Marvel fan. I just watched Venom and love that character too. I’m hoping they bring Daredevil back, or the Defenders, but the latest Arrow was disappointing.

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    2. Disney Plus is putting out a group of new Marvel shows, based on the movies. Vision and Scarlet Witch get one. Falcon and Bucky another. There’s a third one coming out, but it escapes me at the moment. The actors from the movies, too!

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