MLMM Tale Weaver- The King’s Dilemma

The king was the ultimate ruler of the land. His voice was the command to every living person in his kingdom. The one exception of course, was his teenaged daughter, spoiled and petulant. Most fathers have a soft spot for their daughters and even though the king was a king, his daughter could manipulate him easily.

As she approached the marrying age of sixteen, a proper suitor had been chosen. This was the way in those days and in some cultures, still is. Important allies are made and maintained with these arranged marriages, no matter the participants’ wishes. The arrangement for his daughter was entirely made by the king.

Being the obstinate teenager she was, she defied her father in an eating protest. The king however, didn’t falter, and insisted she marry his choice. As she walked in to the garden, crying out of hunger and frustration, she thought she might run away, but where could she go? Her desperation took over and she started to run. It didn’t matter to her where she ended up, just away from her father’s rule.

At the edge of the forest she stopped, looking back at the castle, then kept on running. At this time, the king had secretly planned for her to meet the intended suitor. He did a bit of trickery knowing his daughter well. As she ran, the intended suitor was waiting to “rescue” her, all previously set up by the king.

The young man was hesitant to play along at first, but then cooperated. He had admired the king’s daughter for years and now his dream would be complete.

Acting as her rescuer and her being scared and vulnerable in the forest helped to spur her affection for him. She finally returned to the castle with her rescuer and presented him to the king. Her father pretended dislike at first, to further his plan. The plan was completed at his daughter’s marriage to the king’s intended, all unknown to his daughter.

And of course, they all lived happily ever after (with their secrets), unlike real life.

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  1. Dear Bag Lady, great story, I loved the notion of the father manipulating the whole scenario, very clever take on the prompt. Thanks for adding to the Tale Weaver in 2017 and I hope you can find more words to participate in 2018. Best wishes for the New Year….

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