dVerse Poets – Ode to Pie

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I have to say I love pie

One that’s pleasing to the eye

Let’s talk about lemon meringue

A bit sweet with a lot of tang

The colors are beyond compare

Bright sunshine,white clouds; it has flair

And then the rhubarb, chunky and tart

I must admit this one has my heart

Straight from the garden cooked in a pot

It is heavenly, is it not?

A Texas neighbor made chocolate cream

The taste made you think it ‘twas obscene

Only a small bit of white on top

The dark chocolate flavor didn’t stop.

Of course I would be amiss

If I forgot the USA’s kiss

Of apple, tart but also sweet

With added cinnamon makes it a treat

All the fillings, fruit or cream

Wouldn’t make pie as good as it seems

If the crust was dull, soggy or limp

Needs a fine pastry with curled edge as a primp.


Now I’m craving pie🙄


21 thoughts on “dVerse Poets – Ode to Pie

  1. I think I may have posted this before somewhere for a 99 word challenge. But it does deal with the complex topic of pies.
    Remind me to tell you about the ‘Pie Floater’ some time. A culinary delight available at ‘Harry’s Cafe de Wheels’ in Sydney.
    But anyway …..
    This body, clearly not ideal
    Is purely circumstantial
    Decisions on my every meal
    Entirely financial
    Caviar, imported wine?
    A lovely suggestion ….
    restaurants where I’d like to dine
    Remain out of the question
    Fast-food options, far and wide
    Upset my self-impression
    The lack of taste, a loss of pride
    Likely leading to depression
    So hungry for both love and food
    And lacking satisfaction
    A desire to enhance my mood
    Will put me into action
    I’ll find a lady, short and stout
    With a patisserie
    I’ll woo her, and I’ll ask her out
    Then I’ll get my pies for free

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  2. Hi Cheryl, I agree with you on that apple pie, lattice top maybe, and a bit of ice cream. I’ve heard that some people in America put a slice of cheese on their apple pie, is that correct? I loved your poem – such clever rhyming made it a joy to read.

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