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Kristian over at asked me and other bloggers to write something about the photo below:

Finding himself somehow transported to this venue, in such later years in the future, Lord John Grey had steadied himself by plopping down on a nearby pew. Not being a religious sort, he was very curious as to why and where he found himself in these circumstances.

The last thing he remembered was talking to his son William as they paused to take refreshment in an opening in the wood. There were a few stones, rather large, to make a suitable resting place for the two horsemen with weary backs. As he opened the canteen, he leaned back to close his eyes for a second, whereupon opening, found himself discombobulated in a church.

Having only attended church at a wedding or funeral, he looked around and immediately thought of Jamie Fraser, who was very familiar with such surroundings. His mind often drifted to Jamie, especially since he was now in charge of Jamie’s son.

It was only a moment aware of his transportation, when suddenly shaken by William. “Da, where did you go? You gave me a fright!”

John surveyed his present placement and replied, “My son, I have no idea”.


My apologies to Diana Gabaldon for encroaching on her characters whom I dearly love.


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