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Crushed Caramel chose the picture above and asked three of us to tell a story about it. Thanks for the gift, I hope I did it justice.


He looked around carefully scrutinizing the street for any untoward movements. His family suspected, but really did not comprehend the danger involved.

His sister in the front of the cart put her hand to her head resting it slightly. Another move, she thought, and will it finally be a safe one?

Some of the smaller children might have looked forward to these moves, finding a different area to scrounge.

Most of the middle children were resigned to the fact that another move meant a different school, always interrupted and feeling out of place once they arrived, their education suffered greatly by the constant placements.

Safety was all that mattered to their older brother, searching the street as he motorcycled behind them. He had long given up on trying to lead a normal life. Now he was the protector and head of the family. The matriarch had been hustled away by soldiers. Constant relocation seemed his only solution to keep his family safe.


The Tell the Story blog chain is a great way to meet new bloggers. I chose the picture below and three bloggers. If they choose to accept, they write a story about my picture below and then choose a new picture and three new bloggers to write their own story. Sounds confusing the way I explain it…..sorry.

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