4 thoughts on “Do you feel this way?

  1. I agree. And it is a problem for children and adults of all ages… Last summer, as a joke, I took a friend’s cellphone away while she was at the bathroom. When she came back, I pretended I hadn’t even seen her phone, and she panicked! And I am not kidding, she totally freaked out! Sad but true…

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  2. He is absolutely correct. My grand daughter has a cell phone.which she carries everywhere. EXCEPT my home. She is not allowed to have it here. When she is here, we are together having quality time without the distraction. She complained the FIRST time I demanded she leave her phone at home…said “but what if Mom calls in an emergency”….I said, I have a phone here she can call. She THANKED me after a month of no phones here..she feels that I “understand her, encourage her and make her think”…she doesn’t feel that way about anyone else. I wonder why?

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