Word of the Day Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 4

This is my abode, held here by my own hand. I hold it only a short time for you to observe. This house represents my life, at the present time only. Things and circumstances change almost daily. The ladder you see is blocked by my altar ego, Manny. He thinks you should not enter and keeps my friends away at times. As you also see I am portrayed in the window in severe distress, but that’s almost over, the day is almost done.

My fingers splayed and seemingly dissipating into thin air are meant to show my fragility. Even the moon behind is a temporary vision, for it too, is only a slight indication of the coming night.

The viper curled around my thumb is my past, trying to poison my every day existence. You may think this all disconcerting, and it is meant to be. But what you see now is fading into the night.

The moon will fill out in the darkness, the snake will drop and curl into its lair, and Manny will disappear until morning.


Thanks to Kira, the artist who created this image.

Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Word of the Day Challenge