FFfAW #184

“But those aren’t the ones!” Sally pleaded with her mother for a pair of gold sandals. They had to have a light colored flat footbed. After perusing the footwear stores in town, Sally’s mother was exhausted. You wouldn’t think a seven year old would even know what a flat footbed meant, but fashion is fashion and Sally and her friend Mona always wanted to be twins.

It never occurred to the two young girls they couldn’t be actual twins, since Sally was black and Mona was white. They had been best friends since preschool and practically inseparable when they weren’t in school. They convinced their mothers to dress them in the same outfits at least three days a week.

The sandals Mona found were bright gold strapped sandals. She was in love immediately but never thought Sally couldn’t also get them. A special school event was coming up and Mona thought the sandals would be perfect with their gold trimmed dresses.

The display in front of Sally and her mom didn’t show them. Her friend had bought hers at Target but Sally’s size was not available. Not to be deterred, Sally’s mother found the desired pair online and ordered them. Now Sally would stop searching and once again the girls were twins.



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