A Definite Rant

Okay, I have just about had it. That’s a phrase my mother used, probably often, and I did too as a mom and grandmother.

I am mad and I’m not taking it anymore. What can we do as citizens, men and women, to stop this parade of horrible, repulsive high office seeking individuals? Is it not bad enough we have the ultimate top dog of disgust as our president? Do we also have to install them in the highest court of our country?

I think what bothers me most is the degrading of women by these men. What a horrible example to our young boys and teens! You would think all of this behavior was acceptable. It certainly is not! But it must be or these people would not even be considered to run for any office!

I know for a fact there are plenty of good men out there, a huge majority, of course, so why choose these ne-er- do-wells for any office at all? Let them crawl back under their rocks and suffer the consequences of their behavior. Is it the “good old boy” syndrome, money, connections? What gets them anywhere near offices like these?

Trump saying, why didn’t these women come out earlier? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? The answer is obvious to anyone who is not a mysogynist. This movement of women is way overdue. The weaker sex is no longer accepting that title. If these perpetrators think they can still get away with disgusting behavior they have another think coming.

There has to be a change. Good people have to step up. It’s time to set a good example to our younger generation. It starts with parents of course, but look at the leadership examples we have now. How do we explain that to our children?

How are you explaining it to your children? Are you voting? Are you protesting? Here in Cheyenne there was a big protest group against a dog shelter supervisor for his treatment of a dog. Yes it was bad, but people, if you get off your couch for a dog, why can’t you get off your couch for your fellow man?

Okay, done, I think. I’m not promising I won’t be back. But hey, there’s always the handy delete button.



11 thoughts on “A Definite Rant

  1. Thanks for your comments. I was beginning to feel like I was too outspoken. Maybe that’s the probkem. Everyone just wants to ignore thinking they’re helpless. I agree with you.


  2. So right, Cheryl. I’ve been quietly observing this since making my first observation on the process over on FB (and I think that’s driving my trolls crazy). My absolute take is this: we don’t know. We don’t know if Kav assaulted women. We do know he has been accused of such, and we do know that more than 90% of those allegations turn up true. We also know when there are multiple allegations that percentage goes way, way up. On the other hand, we know what a dirty, dirty game it is in politics and we know that this seat on the Supreme Court is the most critical of our lifetimes and that the opposition to a conservative on that bench is fierce.

    The best thing to do is wait. Hold a full investigation (thank you, Senator Flake, for showing us scruples) and once we know for sure hold a vote or don’t. Everyone stop and do the right thing.

    (Incidentally, the best right thing to do, for the president, is to pull the nomination, nominate the man who was robbed of his rightful process in 2016 – Merrick Garland – and heal a fractured country. Fat chance, but it’s the right thing.)

    Are 100 senators, and a president, capable of all doing the right thing? If not, we have a list of names to remove from office, because the only people I want up there are those who want to do the right thing, no matter what the cost.

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  3. I think you have raised very legitimate questions and I feel for you having the President you have demeaning the office he bears. We outside the US continue to look on in disbelief as what he says and does.

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  4. Hmm. I’m angry because people are so quick to assume guilt over allegations that scream “false”, and what is obviously a ploy by the Dems to prevent a good man they don’t approve of from becoming a SCOTUS judge. They have a long history of using such slanderous accusations. The only difference now is that their target isn’t rolling over, but actually standing up for himself. They can’t handle that. So they found another woman willing to make allegations, even more flimsy. And another, that’s so over the top ludicrous, it’s mind boggling that even those with TDS aren’t finally realizing the gig is up, and it’s time to #walkaway from the lies and corruption.
    And before people freak out, I am Canadian, I have no skin in this game, but even I can see this from afar.
    Also, I would love if our own vacuous, disaster of a Prime Minister were more like Trump, because he’s busily destroying our country as fast as he can.


    1. Of course I don’t agree but I respect your right to express your opinion. I do find it odd this is the first comment you’ve ever made about any of my posts. Guess I got your attention.


  5. The political field is so dirty one can’t play and remain morally clean. Has a bit of gravity too and pulls together the most ambitious who do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. No scruples. Saddly I don’t see that landscape changing for the better any time soon.

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