Fast Times

Did you ever notice how much drinking goes on in tv series or movies? I wonder what the actors are drinking all that time, tea, grape juice, cranberry juice? And it’s not just the rich well to do people either. It’s everyone, especially wine of some kind. And there’s always the Russians and vodka, which could be water.

It doesn’t matter if the script calls for a celebration, party, a bar, a restaurant, or simply at home with dinner–every night? Are you kidding me? Drinking alone very popular, too. Who actually does this? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Well Bueller, probably since by now he’s a disappointed middle aged loner. Which proves a point. . .why so much “instant I get home pull out the old bottle”? It’s like sex. . .no foreplay, no loving thoughts, just up against the wall in two seconds. What’s up with this? Instant gratification in all things, all the time.

Maybe it’s cell phones. We can’t live without being connected to them every second. Were they the start of all this instantaneous life style? People in deep serious conversation–like that’s going to happen–and buzz, phone absolutely has to be answered. Ever notice anyone by themselves or in a group out to dinner or anywhere really, not glued to their phones?

Maybe it’s the Internet. Everyone wants to blame the Internet for everything. It’s like, Google made me do it. Is there no self control anymore? Is everyone so afraid of Trump or global warming that they are desperate to find anything to numb them? Is it “1984” for real? What do you think?


13 thoughts on “Fast Times

  1. Almost everyone I know drinks at home. I frequently open a bottle of wine in the evenings, but if alone I wait until after supper. I just love that feeling when the kitchen is cleared for the night and everything is tidy; I curl up on the sofa with my glass in hand, that first sip just does it for me, so, so relaxing. Cheers Cheryl, 🍷

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  2. Myself a recovering alcoholic, I’ve actually wondered many times whether rates of binge drinking and/or drug abuse have increased exponentially as a result of the White House Clown Show. I don’t do the 12 step thing anymore, but I do wonder how those recovering alcoholics who feel like we do about the state of the country are dealing with the fact that discussing anything even tangentially related to politics at an AA meeting is forbidden. What if that really is someone’s drinking trigger? I know if I still indulged, Trump would have set that deadly habit into overdrive. Great post, good questions to ponder.

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  3. I am guilty of almost every modern vice. I love to have beers at home, any time, and I love to have them with friends, too. When standing in the grocery line, or waiting at the dentist’s office, I have my phone in hand and head down. While typing this reply, my phone is in front of me so I see if there are any text replies or Facebook notifications (or announcements that the clown-in-chief has resigned and taken his bible-thumping sycophant VP with him).

    You never know what you’ll miss.

    Occasionally I do look up to see if anything good is happening IRL, but it rarely is. 😉

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  4. I get what you are saying and just saw a lady cross the street – a busy street – while texting on her phone the whole time – ? And in movies – drinking is often not with real-Life consequences – for example – in an episode of the show Scandal – which I saw very few of – the ladies drink a white alcohol (vodka?) and then a couple hours later get busy writing on the computer – no major buzz or drunk tired – or ill

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