Putting My Feet in the Dirt 25

Sweet vibrations the prompt for today can be interpreted many ways. You might want to delete right now. . .just kidding. I try to keep my posts above the R rating and a warning if I don’t.

The first thing that came to mind was my husband’s love of the Beach Boys and of course, this song:

The Beach Boys were never a favorite of mine. Okay, stop throwing those surf boards at me! I know there are die hard fans here. I must admit I had new respect for their craft after seeing the documentary about them.

For a true sweet vibrations I would suggest a blender, vanilla ice cream, milk, and chocolate sauce. Mix to your liking and top with whipped cream and a cherry–the stemmed ones for easy handling and sharing–oohlala. 😘Chocolate cherry is a favorite flavor of mine. Pretty soon they’ll bring out the holiday candy for Christmas and every year I buy a box of dark chocolate covered cherries, liquid filled chocolates. One box. I also like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor:

Or you could forego the vanilla and use this instead. Never tried it. Bet it would be good!




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