Putting My Feet in the Dirt 13 and 14

Because of the coffee curfews last night, he got a chance to sleep in. However, all was not well. Because he had overindulged on birthday ice cream, cake, wine, and champagne, karma’s quest for comeuppance struck again.

As he wandered into his dining room, he tripped over the leftover mess from the night before. “Party hearty” creeped into his foggy head and they all did, with gusto. His bedroom escaped the worst, but here on the couch his best friend lay snoring. Across from him in the recliner with his hands still on a video game console, was his brother, passed out cold. The huge screen on the wall was blinking brightly.

He bypassed the kitchen area altogether, as his stomach started to complain. He stumbled into the bathroom and then back to bed. Karma was upon him, but it could wait.

August Writing Prompts