MLMM Tale Weaver 177 – Heights? What heights?

Now that I’ve read nansfarm’s post about dates on links and how they work or don’t, I am totally confused. I usually save the link at the bottom of emails and use when I can or feel an idea for the prompt. Now I wonder if the Prompt post ever gets back to the prompter, or promptess, me being the promptee? Or is it the Prompt person or Prompt post person?

Am I the only one? Never mind, I’m used to the answer “yes, you are” as frequented by family members who shall remain nameless…..Lu!

And the frogs? Green, blue, chartreuse? I don’t use them, they never seem to work for me. Yes, I am that technically challenged.

As you can see I’m going under, I’m way over my head here, and all this time I just thought, easy! Write, read, and let them eat cake…oh, strike that, that was another disturbed woman. So trying to climb up to a reasonable fare in the blog world, vis a vis WordPress, I am treading water with no hope of succeeding reaching the shore. Or for this Prompt, ever reaching the heights I once thought I might achieve. I’m not all that fond of heights anyway, think I’ll stay down here in the boonies of WP for the time being.

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