Putting My Feet in the Dirt 29

“Wow did you see that?” As the shark weaved back and forth seeking a snack, he paused to give Jerry a salacious wink. He would have stopped to chat, but you know, he’s a shark.

Jerry wiggled over to peer at Wanda, and there was a lot of peering needed, as Wanda was a whale, a beautiful blue whale. He licked his lips, and being a seahorse that was a lot of licking. “Wow, she does seem pretty encrusted!”

Oliver the octopus replied, “Yeah I’ve been there, man, no use. I mean, look! I have eight arms and she still wasn’t interested!”

“Well I’ll give it a try” snorted a feisty sperm whale. “She is a beauty, with those bodacious barnacles. . .vavavavoom!” Underestimating his comparable size, Stanley also struck out.

“What do you expect?” said her constant companion, Helen, the humpback. “She’s the queen of the sea, the largest mammal on earth! She can afford to be choosy.”

Life is not all fun and games in the salt water world.



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