MLMM Tale Weaver #170

“The Book of Durfur”

Caused quite a furor

When it first published

Critics claimed, “rubbish”

But it sold in spite

Of what they chose to write

And one even might

Say t’was the author’s delight.


A really good reader

Ignores the feeder

Of criticism and pall

And some, not all

Resist the call

Insisting it’s trash

And to bookstores dash

To spend their cash


It’s the controversy they seek

Not an author who’s meek

But the one with new ideas

Doesn’t care if he pleases

Is bold and unafraid

To have his new thoughts played

To explore the unknown

In a new sort of tome.


Just think for a minute

What could be in it

The likes of Shakespeare, maybe Voltaire

You never know what you might find there

Something new, controversial

Something that is not yet commercial

I dare you to read “The Book of Durfur”

Might be exactly what you’re looking for.



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