FFftPP #19 – Mr. Tannenbaum’s Secret

He passed by, looking lovingly at his old vehicle. “A touring car, paint in good shape, I wish it was still drivable. Marion would love it! Of course I don’t have a driver’s license but it would be nice to just sit in it again and dream”.

Mr, Tannenbaum had been visiting Marion regularly, actually fell in love with her, even at his age of near eighty. He spied her one day admiring the sidewalk display outside the flower shop. She seemed to favor the daisies most. He thought her extremely attractive, even though he assumed she was near his age. She was in a wheelchair, accompanied by a younger man, but there was a sparkle in her eyes that Mr. Tannenbaum noticed immediately, and decided to court her.

He wasn’t forthcoming about his past, but Marion didn’t seem to mind. Each of them had a full life before they met, so assumptions about those lives were not important. Loneliness and companionship were what was foremost, though Marion had her son’s attendance, she still spent many hours alone.

Mr. Tannenbaum looked at the automobile one more time before deciding not to return to that scene. That was in the past.



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