MLMM First Line Friday 7-20-18

The wedding loomed closer and all Tay could do was think of storm clouds. Her mother had picked the date, the venue, the music, the flowers and the menu. Now if she could just pick the weather, Tay would be okay with the rest, as if she had a choice!

Tay lived where the choices of young women mattered not. Her parents made all the decisions, and especially picking the groom. Her whole life was at her parents’ bidding–their choice of schools, education and friends. Now their time was done and Tay’s husband would decide for her. Growing up in this atmosphere she was at first rebellious, but then relinquished, thinking it was in her best interests to go along.

As the days grew closer to the big event, Tay had renewed a few secret contacts at university. All hidden of course from her family, but she felt there was no other way. One friend had kept Tay’s backpack at the ready, prepared with essentials for her escape. Travel arrangements under a different name were made by her other friends, acquaintances unknown by her parents.

Before the ceremony Tay would feign feeling ill and retreat to an anteroom in the temple. There she would don casual clothes and a small disguise. She would leave it all, the gown, the groom, her parents and family. It would finally be time for her to be who she wanted to be.


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