Where are the good sports in Sports?

It seems people in general are getting so frustrated by whatever problems they have, they feel compelled to take it out on others. They display these pent up feelings in disgusting actions, gestures, yelling, cursing, to vent to anyone and everyone that comes near. It could be road rage, tail gating, parking in a public lot, jay walking or having to wait for someone to cross in front of your car, waiting in line at a store…. all of these everyday occurrences seem to cause violent reactions from people of all ages. Are we all so frustrated by society today that this is acceptable behavior?

An example:

I have sport players in my family, basketball, soccer, etc sporting events for school and college aged children. Most of them also referee events, with all ages from about three to adult games. Over the years we have witnessed increasingly bad behavior, even violent threatening behavior from participants, parents, and coaches alike. Even at a volunteer level, these unruly behaviors prevail.

This past weekend an adult in the family was refereeing a high school soccer game and the players on both teams threw out the f-bomb constantly and fought, and physically threatened our family member. The rules are clear but carding a few was no deterrent for these teenagers. Their coach and parents were almost as bad. One parent physically confronted my relative. There were other nasty details, all condoned and even egged on by adults. This is a game, a GAME! Young children attend! This is not professional hockey or wrestling in an arena, it is a game on a field that is ONLY a game. This behavior seems to be escalating in public. This game is only one example.

I have attended elementary school basketball games where parents constantly, yell at their child and referees the entire event. What kind of example is this to set? Starting at six years old? It’s hard to believe if you haven’t witnessed it. I’ve sat in outside stadiums where kids on the field were ridiculed for a mistake and booed when they lost the ball. Cheering is great as long as it’s not vulgar against the opposing teams. It should be a cheer–encouragement, not putdowns. Whenever our family attends games of any kind we clap and support both teams. They’re KIDS for Pete’s sake. They learn by the actions of their parents.

I can only think that our society as a whole is going in the wrong direction. It’s sad and discouraging. And yes, I will add that when the leader of our country throws public tantrums and put downs, it isn’t a good example for our citizens. I am bewildered as to how he remains in office with this behavior.

Am I just an old fuddy duddy? Do I expect some actual decorum, at least when we’re in public? Yes I do.

And yet, there are friendly, smiling people out there. There just seems to be less of them. My granddaughter was trying to reach my favorite coffee on the top shelf. We were in a busy grocery. A young man came walking down the aisle. I said, excuse me sir, could you help me?

He replied, surely, ma’am. I said, a gentleman! Thank you so much, as he handed me the coffee. I added thank you for taking the time.

He replied he was from Louisiana and that’s what we do. It’s not done so much up here though, is it?

I put my hand out, we shook hands. It’s little things like this that restore my shaky faith in humanity.

As I read this over to edit, I thought that these over reactions may be causing the keep-to-yourself, not smiling behavior of people in public. Maybe it’s fear. Fear of the rude or violent behavior, intimidation? If, so, what does that say about the state of our society? Hey! I’ve got it! Our leader has the answer… just give every person a loaded gun. It should solve the problem, right?



4 thoughts on “Where are the good sports in Sports?

  1. Having been wounded by family over their inane, unholy, and ever more inexplicable defense of the ungodly state of the union since 2016, I keep my eyes lowered, lest I see a pin, a bumper sticker, or a gun. Waiting for 2020. I’m very glad I have no kids in sports, though that will change back (next year) when a grandson starts soccer……..

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  2. Well said. It is sad. Seeing how the supposed adults behave when spectators at a game. A game! It’s pathetic. I’m ok with being competitive, cheering for ones team, being happy with a win, and even upset with a loss. Life is full of both. But these adults who act worse than the children they’re supposed be teaching? I have no tolerance for them. Including our Dumbass In Chief.

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