Blogger Recognition Award 

Thank you Susie for this nomination. There are many interesting items to be found at, and she also writes sincere articles about her home life. I have to sneak in the Daily Prompt here to say that the possibilities of meeting and loving new people here is infinite. I have bypassed all expectations of interacting with bloggers from all over the world and it’s a delightful experience. I believe Susie is right that the best advice is to be yourself in your writing, art, and photography.

Initially I wanted to be helpful to new users of the appliances (the bags😫) you are subject to after having bladder cancer. I tried to be open, honest, graphic, and bring humor into it. Having cancer the second time around is daunting, and you definitely need humor to reconcile that fact.

I am accepting this award because it gives me the opportunity to bring out names of more blogs I enjoy reading.


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