Picture Prompt-1963

I smell this rose and I remember when we planted this rose bush. The very first time I saw him, he handed me a rose from a bush like this. The scent was almost overpowering, as was his presence. I had my eye on the rose, but could not help but feel him looking at me, encompassing my being. I could almost feel his touch, it was so powerful. His presence was powerful. I felt a bit dizzy.  

Standing there, offering me this rose, I looked into his eyes to find warm, brown orbs that sparkled in the sun. I was instantly attracted as my gaze traveled down to his imperfect nose, and wide smile. I knew at that very moment, I wanted never to be away from him. That instant attraction grew to be the story of our life together.

Now as I smell this scent again, tears fill my eyes and flood over onto the petals. It won’t be long, my love, till together, we hold this rose.



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