Daily Prompt:  Mighty

Did your grandparents use the word “mighty” to describe anything big or huge or extremely important? Just wondering…

It’s going to be one of those days, I can already tell. Someone near me had a knock on their door and since I’m expecting packages today I was up and at ’em! Not my door, but once awake, you’re up.

The old teakettle complained again this morning. It likes to whistle. When I take it off, fill my cup, and put it back again, it whistles slow, but still complaining, even though the burner under it is off. Annoying, so I pick it up and set it on a cold burner and moving and setting it there it, complains louder and doesn’t give up as the steam settles to quiet it.

See? I told you it’s one of those days. By the way, the sky is mighty pretty today, flawless blue!


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