The Secret Keeper #133

There were no clues concerning her disappearance. One day she was the seemingly happy contented mother of three, the next, nowhere to be found.

Upon investigating, the authorities discovered she woke, fixed the usual Cheerios breakfast with bananas plus orange juice for her school aged children, drove them to school and that was the last time anyone saw her.

Apparently she travelled the same road every week day about the same time, taking her children to school. There was no shift from her daily routine that anyone had noticed, car remained in the driveway as it did every day, and no sign of anything odd from a neighbor’s constant vigil as to her activities. The reason being, she was considered a “housewife”. Certainly a derogatory term, since no one can actually be married to their home, and it is a misnomer these days. Today, most women would consider the term an insult.

Finding no information of any value from the neighborhood, the police moved on to the children’s school teachers and principal. They learned nothing unusual, as the children were average students and their mother had no complaints and attended conferences and activities regularly.

Continuing on to her husband, the detectives, now more at a loss than ever, realizing there was nothing outstanding about this brown haired, brown eyed, five foot four, 150 pound woman, decided there must be something amiss in her marriage. The woman Mary’s husband, Joe, was also your everyday, common variety man, no signs of anything except the typical nine to five office job where he received no special attention or awards.

What the police, the husband, or the children did not know, did not realize from daily observance and company of this ordinary woman with an ordinary name, was she was not what she seemed. When she returned home from dropping the children off at school this day, she decided to end her mundane existence. She had no regrets, only thinking anything would be better than what she had, where she was, and what she was doing, every day of her life. It was time to quit. It was time for herself. She had been secretly reading books about how to transport yourself into another place, another dimension. She spent hours hidden away in the stacks of the public library. Today she walked to the library and settled herself comfortably in the dark corner of the library stacks, opened the ancient tome and started noiselessly chanting. She would be held captive by this life no longer.


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