Time to Write 3-8-18


Having her fourth cup of coffee in an hour, Grace was feeling jittery and anxious. She was waiting for a phone call from the oncologist hoping it was good news.

It had been five years plus, and she hoped the recurrence rule applied to her. She felt confident only at times when she didn’t feel the pain in her right leg. She wanted to be free of it, the pain was always a reminder the cancer might return.

The caffeine was making her hyper, but she tried to stop pacing the room. The negative thoughts tried to come to the forefront again and she started to cry. It was ten o’clock, she had called at eight and they said he’d call right back.

Doctors’ offices always seem to want to please, be compassionate, but why do they always take forever to respond? Maybe they’ve never been on the other side, waiting to hear a test result that could change their life.

Grace flopped down on the couch and just bawled. It was almost a relief, providing some release of tension. She pulled her favorite soft blanket over her. Her cell vibrated and rang in her sweater pocket. It was the doctor’s office. The tests were negative for recurrence. She stretched full out under the blanket and cried some more. It was a good call. She tried, as she had done before ,however unsuccessfully the last few years, to put the whole thing out of her mind.



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  1. I visited the chemotherapy unit once, with a friend. He was there for white blood cell replacement, but everyone else was having chemo. I was impressed with how calm they all were – chatting away like they were at the hairdressers. Your post tells of the downside, when you’re alone with your fears,waiting to find out if you will get a reprieve.

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