Putting My Feet in the Dirt Challenge 8

I must have been punch drunk yesterday when I decided to take a try at the Putting your feet in the dirt Challenge. The prompts are labeled 1-31 for each day in March. I had the subject picked as I quickly perused the list, not equating the number of the prompts with the days of the month. So here I am again after the lady at this challenge graciously let my faux pa go by and accepted my first attempt.

So this day’s challenge is appropriate as an apology. I’m ashamed to admit I can no longer blame my reactions on an iPad that does not keep up with my one fingered typing, or the fact I haven’t cleared out the blog sites in Safari which probably are the cause of the slowness. I was just tired. It seems since my noisy upstairs neighbors left, I still conform to their schedule, waking at four and not being able to sleep later than five or five thirty. Three minutes left and I think I need to read the rules on this challenge again. You are probably expected to write a story or poem or something fairly intelligent, or attempt to. So day eight of the challenge, day two of my fumbling.

This darn iPad – it must be at fault…for I’m a reasonable person – and yes I know I use way too many dots and never use the dashes correctly. But maybe you can take that in a good way, I’m just an old rebel! Times up, again.



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