Sunshine Blogger Award

This lovely lady at

nominated me for this award. I am grateful for awards, and this is one of my favorites. Thanks! The rules for this award:

Questions asked her nominees are:

My answers are:

1. My inspiration is just life. I have a rewarding life thanks to my family and friends.

2. Thankful

3. The first time I got cancer, 23 years ago. I never had any idea I would get it, I knew heart disease was in my family and worked hard to not be vulnerable to that, but the cancer was a surprise. I learned life is precious and not to take people for granted.

4. I guess the best thing is my sense of humor.

5. Caring, loyalty, trust, just a few.

6. Just that, being alive, and all that entails.

7. An outlet, a way to express myself no matter how I’m feeling at the moment.

I read and follow a lot of blogs, way too many to list here and I realize I wouldn’t be here without Saumya’s list. However I don’t want to hurt anyone by leaving them off a list. I have discovered some new ones I’ll list here, but I have lots of oldies and goodies not in this list:

Fandango @

Jim @

Don @

James @

Some questions for the above bloggers if they wish to answer are:

Why did you start blogging?

What’s your favorite type of blog to read?

What did you first expect from starting a blog and is it any different at the present time?

I love blogging and have met so many wonderful, funny, talented people here, learned a lot, read a lot and I thank every one of you for being here!




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  1. A sense of humor is a great quality! Congrats and thanks for the tag. Also for letting me know. While Roda was visiting the last 4 days, I looked at zero blogs and haven’t caught up yet, so I didn’t know you nominated me! πŸ™‚

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