Daily Prompt: Conversant

What a Prompt for today! Sometimes they fit so perfectly, I wonder if there are hidden cameras about….yikes, what a thought! I am having my fifteen year old grandson staying with me this weekend, he will be here in a couple of hours. He is the most conversant person on the planet, well except for my oldest son, now fifty, who we named the walking encyclopedia when he was a child.

As we discuss anything and everything, my visitor often surprises me with his words. He is a constant reader, and fast, works as a volunteer in the library and is on the debate team in high school. Perfect for him, because like me, he is a “big mouth”, loves to talk and reason out things verbally. More than one time in a group we have all told him, just stop talking😂. And it always takes more than once, after all he is a teenager.

Along with his vast knowledge there are a few holes of course, he’s only fifteen. I lent him a signed book I purchased for a veteran patient at the VA hospital: “Sergeant of the Guard,The Road in Iraq” written by Sergeant R. Morgan Crihfield. After reading it, he said,”I heard these things happened, and the training, but this is real!” In his defense, he was thirteen at the time. I never censored my kids’ reading/watching or grandkids either, unless specifically asked by their parents.

I’d better get some coffee going, it’s going to be an eventful weekend!



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