My son, the nurse, sent this to me…

Btw, he was a standup comic at one point. Once you stop laughing, you realize she is right


6 thoughts on “My son, the nurse, sent this to me…

  1. Agreed. Wash your stinkin’ hands! Nurses do so much work, especially ER nurses, and don’t get breaks. That needs to change, but in the meantime, thanks nurses! Some truly great people. Agreed about the ACV, though echinacea never did much for me. I’m more of a garlic and peppers type, myself. Also, the last place I’d want to be is the ER if I had the flu!

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  2. Use of echinacea helps. Also apple cider vinegar with honey in water, is dynamic. I wash my hands, frequently after touching common areas in the apartment block. Lastly in a doctors office? Don’t touch the magazines books or newspapers. Likewise any waiting room. Cheers Jamie

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