Tell Me A Tale 2-1-18

The worst Valentine’s Day ever. . .let me think. It could have been grammar school when I failed to receive a sixth grade boy’s love note. I guess you could say I adored him from afar. He lived about two or more miles down the road. He was two years older and the cutest boy I knew. Blondish brown hair, huge smile and blue eyes.

My sister, six years older and I, used to ride in a tiny wagon with wooden wheels down to visit him. The cart was pulled by our collie mix, Ring. We would all play together as friends, but I held onto that crush until my junior year in high school.

Truly a fourth grade Valentine disappointment.

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  1. Probably in 4th grade, I made a V-day card for a very popular person. I went to their home to present it to them. They did not have one for me. I’m not sure what I was expecting. But at the end of the visit, after I hung out with their siblings for a while, I was presented with a card they made on the spot. I felt so awkward. Even worse than if I had not have gotten one. The curious thing is that I didn’t even want to give this person my card. Everyone else did, so I felt it was the way to go.

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