Daily Prompt: Profuse

Exuberantly plentiful is the meaning I choose today for this Prompt. I was so tired from the schedule of my neighbors that I went to bed early last night, ten o’clock. Try as I might, the profuse voices from the upstairs kept me awake.

They started by playing “Super Freak” loudly at eleven. The only reason I know this song is because I really enjoyed the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”. Anyway, about an hour later I thought, great, quiet. That’s when the arguing started. Only hearing muffled yelling and no actual words, my curiosity lures.

Then after a while, as I’m doing a word game cause I can’t sleep, I hear a distinguishable, “are you sure?” My first thought was to yell up to the ceiling, “yes, I’m sure! Now shut up!”

Of course then I just started laughing at that thought. Strange I know, but living by yourself, you get these strange notions…..😂



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