MLMM Tale Weaver 157 – Princely Pride

I’m here. You probably don’t see me, but I’m here, right under the surface of this stream. Well, most of me. Unlike real frogs, I can’t breathe underwater. Yes, I’m a frog. Deal with it. And yes, it was a curse, and yes, my own fault.

Sit a minute and I’ll tell you of my enchantment. People use that word as if it’s something wonderful, a great dream come true. That’s bull hockey! You see me? See what I look like? All slimy, green with a horrid skin condition? You think that’s enchantment? And these feet? My god, I know they’re good for jumping, but just try finding a pair of shoes that fit! I digress.

It was an ordinary afternoon in my life, about twenty years ago, when it happened. It was the usual, king wants his son to marry a certain princess so the kingdoms would be allies, the every day life of a monarchy. Of course I was the king’s son, due to marry this absolute dolt of a girl from the next kingdom. What? You know this story? Well just sit there and listen.

It was on this day the king, my father, decided to hold a ball celebrating my engagement to this neighbor girl. Of course she was a princess, but as the prince, I knew I was too good for her, besides I wanted to make my own choice. I stormed out and rode off into the forest. It was then it happened.

I was riding and decided to stop and rest by this very stream. Yes, twenty years ago, I was here, sitting right where you are now. As I rested I thought I heard a voice. It was low and croaky. I was intrigued, so I listened carefully. It was a frog telling a story of a trick played on him. I was so interested I leaned in to hear him better, just like you are now. Suddenly I fell in the stream, and when I looked, I saw my reflection in the water. I was a frog! I couldn’t believe it!



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