The Secret Keeper 119 – Reindeer Revolution

Christmas Eve, 2017. It started out as an argument and ended up as a war. Rudolph was born in 1939 so was getting a bit feeble to perform as the leading reindeer for Santa’s sleigh.

In the last few years Rudolph was beginning to falter when trying to jump off the roof of children’s homes. This just wasn’t right, because Santa had to be able to escape quickly before he and his sleigh were detected. Even Santa was getting “up there”, but he was magically rejuvenated every Christmas Eve.

Santa went into the stables the night before Christmas to check on the reindeer. He found Rudolph fast asleep snoring, but not loud enough to cover the arguing between the other deer. They were all fighting over who was to be Rudolph’s replacement.

Dasher thinks he should be the leader because he’s the fastest.

Dancer thinks he should be the leader because he is entertaining.

Blitzen believes he should be the one because he can become invisible.

Donner is just staying out of it.

Cupid thinks he should be the one because everybody loves him.

Prancer is just ignoring the argument admiring himself in the mirror.

Comet says “I got this, I can streak through the sky”

Vixen, staring lovingly at Rudolph, thinks Rudolph should not be replaced at all.

The revolution has begun. . . . . . .

Co authored by Pi

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