#Writephoto – Blood Oath

A perfect night for feasting, don’t you think, my dear? Valentine’s telepathic message was immediately received by Valencia, his lover and fellow vampire.

But the moon is full, Val, isn’t that dangerous?

Never, for you and I will fly swiftly, and the lovers will be out in the park.

Ah, I see, and engaged, so to speak?


But Val, I need more than two humans this night, I’m feeling weak.

You will be fine my dear, the park is full of involved teenagers, not to worry. Between their ardor and their music, we won’t be noticed at all, at least not until it’s too late.

You bring such happy memories, Val, of our first night together, when you made me your own.


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    1. Ok, I will in about one minute, but I’m sending four links so it will probably either end up being held in moderation for approval or end up in your spam bucket. If you don’t see it in five minutes, check both locations in your blog’s control panel. Thanks.

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    2. Several links, actually. I originally conceived of my “Christian” vampire Sean Becker well over a year ago. In one chapter to his story, he meets the vampire who created him, a century year old Orthodox Jew and son of a Rabbi. Their encounter takes place in The Shadow Meeting.

      Months ago, I hit a dead end in that series and decided to relaunch it, this time before he was actually turned. I decided to show his seduction and downfall from devout Christian and loving husband and father into the dark and depraved realm of the undead. It started with chapter 1: The Beginning of the Fall and proceeded into Chapter 2: Approaching Advent. Last night, I published the third and most tragic entry of the series, Chapter 3: Nightfall.

      Sorry to bombard you with all the links and hope this won’t seem like “spamming,” but I want to present the overall concept. Obviously, I’ll have to throw way the “meeting” chapter, since I’ve used an entirely different scenario to create Sean as one of the undead, but I will probably still keep the character since the idea of what happens to a “religious” person who becomes a pawn of evil is just too good to give up.

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