MLMM Tale Weaver 150 – Freddie’s Folly

“Let’s see, have I got everything? Chapstick, lily pad, bow tie, cane, top hat, dancing shoes; what am I forgetting?” Freddie was quite nervous since he hadn’t prepared for a first date in years. Asking Fruella out after admiring her for many days, he was apprehensive about their first real get-together.

“Ah, Fruella”, he thought, “such a beauty, sitting on that lavender lily pad on the smooth, green surface of his favorite pond. Her gorgeous green, shiny skin with only a few freckles of brown. . .well, we call them freckles, females don’t have warts. The first time I saw her there, sunning herself, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. She almost caught me staring! From then on I decided I would have to ask her out.”

Freddie sorted his belongings, being careful to make sure everything was in top shape, pressed and polished. He had to make a good first impression. He smiled to himself thinking the top hat and cane would knock her socks off. There were only a few females available at his location, Fertile Falls, so one had to be careful to pick the right mate. At the same time, the competition was fierce so Freddie had to look his best. He held the cane by his side and admired himself in the mirror. “I’ll do a little soft shoe for her before I say anything, just to let her know I’m not your average fair weather frog. I want her to think I’m fantastic! Let’s see, I think I’m forgetting something, what is it?” He tapped his brain with his long fingers.

It was getting late and Freddie was to meet Fruella at the stream’s edge at eight. He had everything set up for their date. He had small flies for an appetizer, mosquito soufflé with a side of juicy baby worms, and then for dessert, a dragonfly of exceptional beauty. He knew this would impress her. He had crickets “playing” constantly for background music. He promised no harm would come to them if they stayed the night. Freddie wanted everything to be perfect.

Hurrying along to the meeting place, Freddie was getting more and more excited. He arrived early and sat waiting for his beautiful Fruella. They enjoyed the evening together immensely and as a topper, Freddie performed the soft shoe. Fruella was impressed.

Freddie decided to go all the way and took in a deep breath, to sing his mating call. He blew but no sound came out. He puffed up again but nothing. Then it dawned on him he forgot the most important thing to complete his courtship. He forgot to bring his honeyed tea to lubricate his throat. After the spicy dinner, his throat was parched and he couldn’t sing to his beloved. “I knew I was forgetting something…” and Freddie’s evening of anticipated passion came to an end.

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