FFFAW – 12-18-17

Hey Joe, you’re looking kinda pasty! Maybe you need to eat more. Those people behind me would be a good snack just to hold you over.

Me? Have you looked in the mirror lately? What happened to you, been on one of those liquid diets?

I must look pretty good, there have been multiple people, all sizes and shapes looking at me. The only thing is, I can’t seem to move to grab and eat them! There aren’t any mirrors around here, so what’s up? Speaking of looks, Joe, you’re looking a little fl8at.


4 thoughts on “FFFAW – 12-18-17

  1. Interesting they know about mirrors. Not sure if you wanted to, but your story isn’t on the Linkup page yet and you seem to have two links here both pointing to the FFfAW page for this date.

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