SYW – 12-18-17

Good day from windy, sunny Wyoming! It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and possibly before Christmas but the temps will be very cold for the big day. It’s time again for‘s Share Your World. Please join in the fun and answer a few questions on your blog post. Here is a copy of part of her blog post:

Here are my answers:

1. Cleaning, cooking, driving, the whole enchilada!😂

2. My bed, pictures, mementos.

3. My family and if they’re not around, warm coffee.

4. My inspiration this week is my eleven year old granddaughter, again! who finished up two basketball tournaments, won one and next one came in second – 15-16 in the last second of the game. It was a hard game to watch. She got shoved onto the floor slid a few feet, obviously hurt, but there was no call. The refs were horrible. They didn’t call multiple fouls including this one. She was disappointed in the loss, but they were such good players. Her dad told her not to let their (players and refs) behavior change her attitude. He always knows what to say. I wish I had been that good of a parent.



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