SoCS 12-16-17

Good day! Sun is shining, 40 degrees F, and all shopping, wrapping finished. Ahhhh. Another year “we” decided not to do too much, and of course we did. Anyone else out there do the same? I’m not talking huge expenditures just more than you probably should.

The contrast between doing what you know you should and what you want to do is my story quite often. I try to be conservative in all things all year. Maybe that’s why I like to splurge a little on Christmas. And before you give me the lecture “that’s not what Christmas is about”, let me save you the time. I know that, it was indoctrinated early on. I limit myself sometimes to help others. I think that’s what it’s about. All year long doing whatever and however to help someone else. So at Christmas I try to give something unnecessary, but wanted. That’s how I interpret gifting.

I have one wish, well besides peace, that a huge freak snowstorm occurs over California to stop the horrible fires.


4 thoughts on “SoCS 12-16-17

  1. You’re so right, Cheryl. I mentioned it to one friend that I didn’t give books to my daughter for Christmas when she was young. She got books from me throughout the year. So she got something that she wanted for fun, for Christmas.
    Thank you for your wishes for California! A huge rainstorm would help. The heat is so confusing, The birds thought it was spring…

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  2. Oh, I SO get your view on gifting. A gift shouldn’t be a necessity, but a plus, an extra that makes someone say “Oh, I never thought–I love it!”. It should never be expected. Not in my opinion, that is…

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