Time to Write 10-6-17

Actually I’ve never been what you might call normal.  I don’t like crowds, loud concerts, heavily packed stores, screaming of any kind, crawly insects or arachnipods, fishing, setting alone on a park bench, just to name a few.  Most of the people close to me, even in childhood, probably thought I wasn’t normal. 

Definitely in school, I was the odd girl out.  I was shy, confused, always tried to do my best at everything, sometimes failing.  I didn’t attend any after school activities or participate in sports.  I didn’t dress in the girls’ locker room in view of the other students.  I was way too serious to actually enjoy my high school days.

I never wanted to “go along” with the “rest” except for one thing, clothes.  I worked a few weeks at an after school job to afford a then popular, matching sweater set.  It seemed to me all the girls had lots, but I just wanted one to show off.  My mother made most of my clothes so you can see the reason behind wanting the set.  I was proud, really, of my mother’s ability, I just wanted to be able to “fit in” once, just once.  My usual stand apart reasoning, if there was any, went by the wayside.  I did wear it for my senior pictures–you know the black and white ones of just your head in the sixties?  Nowadays there are many full body shots of the senior students, in various poses with objects they love or displaying their talents.  I think that’s a great idea, since no matter how shy you are, you have photos to show that yes, you’re the normal one, at least for a few minutes.

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 27


6 thoughts on “Time to Write 10-6-17

  1. Normal is boring gurl…
    be you and do you…
    my grandma made most of my clothes and I loved it that she took the time to do so…and it saved us money that we didn’t have…but at the time I was to young to know that… even when I was older I didn’t get the “new clothes” every year for school… I got a few outfits and if I could still wear the older clothes then I did so too…
    Oh I love the outdoors …camping all that…
    Same here I didn’t hang out a lot … I had to walk home and start chors and start dinner even tho I was the only child both parents worked and I didn’t mind in fact I enjoyed it all…
    I think you did ok gurl… we do what we have too don’t we…

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