MLMM Tale Weaver 140 – Useful

These well worn abandoned wheels might represent used and tired feelings of love.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt the energy of passion, the use of all the machinations preparing to meet a mate.  Anxiety, wishfulness, hopeful dreams of what may come, all now abandoned like these wheels.  They’ve been outdone, used beyond their limits and now lie broken.  Their only hope would be to adorn someone’s garage interior, as a remembrance of days gone by.  
Love might be compared as only to remind us of what was real at the time, the longed for, what was achieved, what was realized, and what ended.  It still exists, only in a different form, just like these wheels.  No longer bright or shiny, although possibly useful, just in a different, but pleasing way.


One thought on “MLMM Tale Weaver 140 – Useful

  1. I did like this and I also relate to what you are saying about love and how as we age the notion of physical attraction to another person becomes less and less a likelihood. I also liked the philosophical nature of the piece. Thanks so much for sharing with the tale weaver this week.

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