SoCS October 7, 2017

It is Friday night, and writing this post early.  The prompt this week for the Stream of Consciousness is save or safe.  With today’s news of our esteemed president cutting down another safe limb for women’s health, it proves he has no intention of saving any humanitarian concepts presented by previous leaders of our country.  

Without birth control provided, without Planned Parenthood facilities and subsidized medicines, our country’s inhabitants will be forced to sneak into dark alleys, finding disreputable medics and risk their lives. This is 2017, not 1817. 

Is this what one of the richest men in the US wants, besides the obvious title of King? To see the rest of us, the middle and lower classes just grovel for existence?  Is he so far removed from reality?  If you read his speeches of the last two weeks and more, you’ll see the answer is yes.  He cares not for the common man.  He has no idea what it feels like to be hungry, without shelter, or wading in mud seeing everything he has destroyed.

I’ll bet you regret reading my blog today.  Just delete, that’s the easy part.

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